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Mohammad Ashraf Ali

Muhammad Ashraf AliMohammad Ashraf Ali , Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Education: Ph.D., Catalysis, Chemical Engineering from University of Bath

Dr. M. Ashraf Ali is a Research Scientist-II in the Center for Refining and Petrochemicals (CRP) of the Research Institute at KFUPM Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Ali holds a Ph.D. Degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Bath, United Kingdom, and M.S. degree in Chemistry from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.

Dr. Ali has been involved actively in research projects in petroleum refining and petrochemicals and has contributed significantly in the catalysts development for a number of catalytic processes including conversion of low-value high-sulfur heavy petroleum into high-value desulfurized transportation fuels by novel hydrocracking and hydrodesul furization processes. He has contributed significantly in the catalysts development for many petrochemicals processes including methyl tertiary butyl ether, linear alphaolefins, and xylenes, As a visiting researcher, he has researched in Japan at Yokohama National University, Kanagawa Science Park and University of Kitakyushu, during 2000-2003. Dr. Ali has been active in research for more than two decades. Since joining KFUPM in 1988, he has contributed and managed a number of client-funded projects for Saudi Aramco, SABIC, JPI, JCCP, CIBA, BASF. He has been a member in the joint Saudi-Japanese research program on High Performance Catalysts Development for Heavy Oil Cracking. He has contributed in the UOP-KFUPM joint project on developing catalysts for toluene methylation to xylenes, Saudi Aramco funded project on p-xylene production from heavy aromatics, JCCP-KFUPM joint project on upgrading of heavy aromatics to produce xylenes, and xylenes production from toluene disproportionation under a CoRE-PRP project.
Dr. Ali has been awarded as a solo inventor US Patent No. 6,555,992 titled Synthesis of methyl tertiary alkyl ether from methanol and isobutene using aluminum fluoride-modified zeolite catalysts, by the. He has been awarded with US Patent No. 8,329,973 titled Multiple Zeolites Catalyst, and a Japanese Patent No. 3803732 titled Catalyst for hydrogenating heavy hydrocarbon oil, its production method, and method for hydrogenating heavy hydrocarbon oil using the catalyst. He has a number of patent applications pending at USPTO which include Catalyst Exhibiting Hydrogen Spillover Effect (US Patent Application Publication No. 20120040820), and System and method for conversion of molecular weights of fluids US Patent Application Publication No. 20110011728). Recently, US Patent Application No. 20130090507 titled Multiple Zeolite Catalyst and Method of Using the Same for Toluene Disproportionation has been accepted for patent award. Besides, two Joint KFUPM-Saudi Aramco Patent Applications titled A Process for the Production of Xylenes and Light Olefins from C9+ Heavy Aromatics, and A Multimetal Zeolites Based Catalyst for Transalkylation of Heavy Reformate to Produce Xylenes and Petrochemical Feedstocks, are Pending with US patent office. In addition, three KFUPM-MIT joint patents applications titled Rapid Deactivation Of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria In Water Related To The Oil Fields With Nano Engineered Palladium Doped Nano Engineered Semiconductor Catalyst?, ?Method for Degradation of Multiple Dyes and Toxic Metals in Wastewater using Solar and Visible Radiation in an Indirect Excitation Scheme and Method for the Utilization of Ruba Al-Khali Saudi Sand for the Removal of Rhodamine B from Industrial Waste Water Streams are in progress.
Dr. Ali has published more than 100 outstanding papers in reputable journals and conference proceedings in catalysis, petroleum, product development and environment. His papers have been published in the internal refereed journals including Applied Catalysis, Catalysis Letters, Topics in Catalysis, Fuel, Energy Sources, Talanta, Analyst, Thermal Analysis, J. of Japan Petroleum Institute, and Canadian Journal of Analytical Sciences and Spectroscopy. He has presented several research papers in national and international conferences and workshops. He has contributed in a large number of reports for client-funded projects, several proposals to KACST, NSTIP, Saudi Aramco and SABIC. He has received the distinguished research award at KFUPM in 2003. He has contributed a chapter on Crude Oil Methodology in the Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry published by John Wiley, UK. He is a co-editor of the book Handbook of MTBE and other Gasoline Oxygenates published by Marcel Decker, Inc. USA. His research work has been widely cited in scientific literature and technical reports.
He has contributed in the short courses in the area of crude oil chemistry, petroleum products production and characterization, and refining and petrochemicals catalysis at KFUPM and in other Universities. He has been external advisor for Ph.D. students at University of Peshawar and University of Sindh, Pakistan. He has provided training to Co-op and summer programs students from Chem. Engineering and Chemistry Department at KFUPM as well as on-job training to a number of young Saudi personnel at CRP. He has served/serving visiting professor, editorial board member of scientific journals, technical reviewer of journal papers, project reports and technical proposals, organizer of scientific and technical workshops and coordinator of marketing plan at CRP.

He is available to guide students in Engineering and Sciences field