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Maha Khalid

advisorMaha Khalid, Lahore Pakistan

Maha is Volunteer with CCP Pakistan as Head Career Advising and Career Advisor

Education: MBA(Marketing and Finance)- Lahore School of Economics

Worked as a Senior Manager Planning in Pakistan’s top advertising agencies and experience with working on brands such as: Unilever, Nestle, Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Minute Maid and others. Maha is now Department head at Pakistan’s top IT company, NetSol. She has a reputation for meeting targets, innovating efficient practices as well as putting many top management personnel to shame with her out of the box ideas. Work routinely puts her in positions where she has to improvise, speak extempore and rely on her instincts, all of which are skills acquired from her years in the professional sector. In Maha’s own words “The problem is not that equal opportunities are not provided to women in my Country, the problem is with our mindsets that can not accept a woman ABLE to do a man’s job, the problem is also with our inability to recognize our skills & talents, as women. Tuning into this very powerful core of our brain is something we are afraid of and more often than not we become victims instead of becoming leaders. I consider myself a living example of equal opportunities provided to both men and women in our country”. Besides her career Maha is an adventure sports enthusiast, an avid fan of all knowledge that is unique, an aspiring photographer, movie/music junkie, writer and philanthropist.