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Asma Afzal

Asma Afzal Islamabad - CCP PakistanAsma Afzal Islamabad

Education: Hacked School

Asma is an author (book expected by the end of 2015) Corporate Training Muse, Thinker & Social Media Movement Entrepreneur. Her competencies are Alternate Energy, Creativity, Success, happiness, Communication, Simplicity, humor, Philanthropy, Social Relationship counselling & Business Consultancy. She believes that Creative thinking – in terms of idea creativity – is not a mystical talent. It is a skill that can be practiced and nurtured. Since 2006 she is researching on human brain’s self-organizing system.

She has been working as freelance Business consultant ,writer, Journalist, Security analyst and Sales & marketing expert on different projects Internationally .She addressed issues of localities in regards to personal developmental and introduced a new technique of problem which simple ,  Powerful & Quick.

She is a Co- Founder & Life Coach at House of Wisdom (HOW) which is a Social Media Movement & Business Training Consultancy. We offer globally recognized training programs tailored & customized according to age & professional requirements of Clients. Presently we operating throughout Pakistan and we have changed life of 7500 clients so far from different walks of life. She helped them ”To get rid of stanglehold of traditional thinking” which is excellent but not enough. Traditional western thinking is based on truth, logic & argument which has enabled scientific & technological boom but has done great disservice while dealing with human affairs.

She will provide guidance to students in Entrepreneurship, Social Relationship building, Idea Creativity, Emotional neutrality, Career building & Selection and How to be happy & Successful in life.