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Rashid Mehmood Khan

Rashid MehmoodRashid Mehmood Khan, Karachi Pakistan

Education: Sp. in Human Resource Management, M.A (Economics), BS (Computer Science), Dip. of Associate Engineer

Rashid Mehmood Khan, by profession a software engineer, by nature social entrepreneur, a change maker from Karachi, Pakistan started a new life journey in 2009, by forming a youth group named ,Visionary Foundation Pakistan, worked on Braille Syllabus Books project, Braille Language is a language that Blind Persons use to read and write and after learning it he with his group member transcribed 3 Books into Braille Language Manually. That experience gives him a unique understanding of visually impaired student s problems regarding their Syllabus books and examination system for the visually impaired people. On this project he won British Council Active Citizens of the Year 2009-2010 Award. This changed his Normal Life to an Abnormal Life?, in his own words.
He keeps his motivation high, with believes in his self and struggled to a positive change in the lives of deprived communities. A great millstone achieved when he managed to registered his youth group to a full fledge non-governmental organization in October 2010.
On 23rd March 2012, he with his team has organized first ever conference in the history of Pakistan for visually impaired youth, named ?First Pakistan Blind Youth Conference?, in Regent Plaza Hotel, Karachi. On this project he was selected for Bilateral Exchange Program to Oldham, UK by British Council. He was selected out of more than 500 Active Citiznes from across Pakistan. He represents Pakistan in an interview to Oldham Chronicle on his visit to UK from Pakistan.
On 27th August 2010, he started a unique project called, Radio Vision Pakistan?. A web based Online Radio Channel; for spreading awareness about issues and problem of Visually Impaired People especially young people. The unique thing in this radio is the Rjs who conducted online radio programs are Visually Impaired.
On 27th August 2011, he started Vision Mother and Child Welfare Health Care Centr in suburb area of Karachi called Surjani Town with a vision to serve the deprived and poor community to access free of cost quality health services. This has served atleast 2,200 people till date.
On August 2012, Visionary Foundation Pakistan has been selected as a partner organization with British Council Pakistan for delivering Active Citizens Program Trainings in Karachi that extended to 2 more districts of Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas of Sindh Province. He conducted 13 Active Citizens Trainings from Sep 2012-Sep 2013, trained more than 390 Young people, aged 18-28. These young people initiated their Social Action Projects, in different areas of Karachi and Mirpurkhas, Slums to minorities, Posh to working class . In total these young people initiated 57 different social action projects in the areas of Education, Health, Archeological History, Animal Welfare, Sexual Harassment, Disabilities, Peace and Harmony etc.
His efforts were duly recognized by City District Government Karachi, Pakistan and appreciated by Mayor Karachi Mr. Mustafa Kamal, BBC Urdu, Dawn News Channel, Waqat News Channel, PTV Home, Metro One TV Channel, SAMMA TV Channel, Dawn, Express Tribune, Daily Jurrat, Daily Jidat, Daily Jung News Papers, Teenager Magazine, FM91, and FM101. He have won several awards and appreciation certificates in result of providing social services to persons with disabilities and deprived community.

Currently Mr. Rashid Mehmood Khan serving as a full time CEO in Visionary Foundation Pakistan and in just 5 years he is running more than 11 Projects with 4 regional offices (Mirpurkhas, Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad) in the areas of Education, Health, Capacity Building of Youth, Peace and Conflict, Issues and problems of persons with disabilities and also called in various conference, workshop, trainings and forums to share his story of change.
His organization is now partnered with British Council, Karachi Youth Initiative, SPO, Green Acre Associates, Chanan Development Association, RutgersWPF and various national and international organizations.

He proudly presents his self as a change maker not only for his community, even making new change maker that is helping the deprived communities. He gives credit to all his success to the ?Blind Community, who open his EYEs and give her a new vision of his life. In is opinion, every young Pakistani, regardless of caste, creed, culture and language has to start doing his positive part in development of Pakistan by initiating small project that must have some social impact, he respect high to Mr. Muhammad Younus, A Bangladeshi Economist for giving a Socio-Business Model which is truly a change maker thing. He is very positive to expand his organization not only on national level as well as on international level.  More details at —– —— —- — —-  —–

He is available to guide students in Software engineering, entrepreneurship and to provide motivational direction to students