CCP Pakistan Portal aims to provide effective career counseling to Pakistani students and young professionals by connecting them to our panel of subject matter and professional experts
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Advisors’ Role

Career Counseling & Advising

The concept of counseling and advising carries different definition and regarded different in many countries, however the main subject is to guide students to the right subject selection based on their interest and skills. The right subject selection is by self, the right selection of career. Career counseling is continues procedure that starts at schooling level. The best counseling can be done by the institute itself where a student is a part of the institute for a long time however, a basic counseling can be provided by a career center.

At CCP Pakistan, we have divided the concept in 2 parts,


  1. Career Counseling
    1. Personal Counseling (Psychological growth) | Career Counselor (Psychologist)

They encourage healthy decision-making and promoting student’s skills through different counseling way and Facilitating and supporting the personal and psychological growth and development of the students. Counselors gives a better approach of subject selection at school and college level linking with the students skills, interests, strengths , mind and abilities.

  • Advising on self-awareness, decision making, goal setting, plan of action, subject selection
  • Helping students and youth identifying hidden roots of their issues to have sound psychological growth
  • Assisting them make decisions to lead more meaningful and balanced lives
  • Motivating them to cope through temporary stages


  1. Subject Area Counseling( Goal setting and subject selection) | Career Subject Counselor

They advise students on the concerned subject’s career and its opportunities, they also relate the subject selection along with their current and past abilities. They also help the students in pointing out the professional skills and its acquirement that will lead a student in their career life in a competitive and leading position.

  • Providing quality, professionally-delivered, subject counseling
  • Helping students in strengthening skills
  • Supporting in professional development

  1. Career Advising
    1. Career Advice ( HR Advice) | Career Advisor

They Provide support in Job market by Counseling against, job search strategy, CV Writing tips, Interview preparation and handling work environment issues

  • Will guide explore career options
  • Guiding students in Resumes, Cover Letters Techniques
  • Guiding students in finding the best and most efficient methods of searching for employment
  • Helping students in strengthening skills
  • Supporting in professional development
  • Providing techniques in getting better salary and promotion packages

General Guidelines of Volunteer Services

  • The advisor agreement with CCP Pakistan is binding in honour only, is not intended to be legally binding contract and may be cancelled at any time at the discretion of either party.
  • Upon termination of the contract, Advisor must deliver to CCP – Pakistan the business cards badge ( if issued) in good order. Strategic Communication department will ensure that the advisors’ email is taken off the email communication and query forum, as well advisor profile from the web portal.
  • A certificate will be given to advisor in honour of his/her service.
  • Advisor will provide summary of his/her qualification/experience and that will be available at CCP Pakistan Web portal.
  • Advisors are officially recognized by CCP Pakistan and have access to CCP Pakistan Portal and Query Forum
  • Advisors will have official CCP Pakistan Webmail ID (in case requested and required).
  • Advisors can participate in the national and international Career Counseling events /workshops/conferences, organized by CCP Pakistan or with partnership and it depends upon CCP Pakistan resources availability for each individual advisor or a group of advisors.
  • Advisors may become part of CCP Pakistan administration, if it is requested or needed.
  • Advisors can use CCP Pakistan Volunteer offices across the country for Career Counseling purposes.
  • Advisors’ blogs and articles on CCP Pakistan’s objective related topics will be published on CCP Pakistan Website, Electronic and printed magazines.
  • Advisors will get the annual Counseling cases book of CCP Pakistan in free
  • Advisors Dissolution
    1. If Advisor’s activity confront with CCP Pakistan Vision, Mission objectives or standards of practice( that includes Ethical)
    2. If found with criminal issues or dis respect to Pakistan or its legal representative will be dissolved.
    3. If resources of CCP Pakistan is used in other way not mentioned in CCP Pakistan Guidelines

Guidelines for Advisors –  Process | Automated query Forum


CCP Pakistan is a not-profit board and aims to provide effective career counseling to students and young professionals by connecting them to our panel of subject matter and professional experts.

The new automated query forum replaced the manual counseling process and you can access it following this link or from main web portal –, click on Our Counseling then click on Queries Forum


How to register at the forum


  1. The process starts, once advisor sends us consent of volunteering with us and provide detail of his/her area of interest/ subjects – Admissions/Internships | Personal Counseling | Career Advice | Subject Area Counseling:
  2. Queries moderator register the advisor email ID, create user name and add the relevant department and subjects to the email ID.
  3. You will receive an email notification of registration, provided with Username and password.
  4. You can then open the forum and login


Queries Process:


  1. Student fills the query form, selects the department/subject and posts the query.
  2. Student will receive an email of query submission
  3. Relevant subject experts will receive the query for their response.
  4. Advisor will click on the link provided in the email text and login to the query forum and comment on the query
  5. Student will receive an email notification once the advisor post a reply on the query forum.
  6. Advisors will receive an email for each comment ( either by student or other advisor)
  7. Student can comment three time on the same query ( if he/she has any relevant question on the same query)
  8. Student and advisor receive notification for every new comment (by advisor or student).
  9. Query will be closed by query moderator once it is finished within 10 days’ time period.
  10. The query will be documented and later will be published on web portal (Our Counseling – Counseling Cases) after review by content writer.
  11. Comments and query will be removed immediately if personal data, personal questions, irrelevant questions, or inappropriate language is posted.


  • Comments and query will be removed immediately if personal data, personal questions, irrelevant questions, or inappropriate language is posted.
  • The data will be available in the section Our Counseling – Counseling Cases on the portal. By sending us your query, you agree and permit us to use your query and advisors’ replies for future reference at CCP website, printed material and or any other means. All queries will be posted without disclosing the student’s name.